Building a Secure DigtialOcean Droplet (Ubuntu)

Keep the bad guys out of your server

There are bad guys out to get you. Well, maybe they’re not targeting you specifically. Actually, they’re targeting every device with a public IP.

When you first spin up a droplet in DigitalOcean, the default configuration is to log in as root. Furthermore, there is no firewall configured. This default configuration leaves you vulnerable to bots that will scan and attempt to break into your server. With the below video, and the rest of this blog post, I’ll show you some basic steps you can take to secure your server.

Since this guide will be using DigitalOcean, you’ll need to sign up for an account with them. Ask your friends for a referral code and you’ll get some nice credit, or click this link to use my referral. Note: I get a small credit when you use my referral code.

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