Wed 18 May 2016

This site exists to provide me space to share technical tips and tricks I've learned with the world.

It is authored with Pelican, which is a Python package that allows a static blog to be generated from reStructuredText or Markdown files. This is nice because:

  1. It allows me to write blog posts in vim and focus on the content instead of the way a post is going to look.
  2. I can manage posts and settings in a git repository. Some people will take it one step further and integrate it with Github pages. That'd be a neat way to get free blog hosting.
  3. It's static! I host all of my stuff, and while I have the capacity to serve a Wordpress site, a static site would allow me to get really lean with the resources.

Pelican also has a somewhat large set of themes you can install. I chose the nikhil theme. I liked the look and feel (mostly a font with serifs) and its minimalism. I will be making modifications to it as there are a few things I don't quite like about it.

I do plan to add comments. Pelican has integrations for Disqus, so that's probably what I'll do.

Also, all content will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. I might even make the git repository public so you can grab rst files directly.