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TempGopher - A Thermostat for Your Pi
Nov 1, 2018
One minute read

I want to use this post as an announcement about the release of TempGopher, a Go program that allows you to turn a Raspberry Pi into a thermostat!

It does require more than just a Raspberry Pi, however. Your Pi needs:

  • A network connection (if you want a working web interface)
  • DS18B120, 1-wire temperature sensors
  • GPIO pins
  • Relays for powering on/off your equipment hooked up to the GPIO pins

If you have all that stuff, and want to turn a Pi into a thermostat, check out the website I made to help you through the setup at The code is available on my GitLab Project and is released under an Apache 2.0 license.

Check it out, and report any issues you find. I will say, this is my first Go project and really the first program I’ve written in a long time other than some Python automation scripts and things. I know the code can be improved, but it seems to work.

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