My 2019 Goals

I’m going to write down a few goals for 2019. These are things that I would like to accomplish throughout the year. My hops is that by writing these down in my blog, I’ll be able hold myself accountable. I plan at the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020 to review and see how far I got.

I’m going to write three goals for things to do in 2019:

Professional Goal

Pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. We are using Kubernetes at work for things, and I feel very overwhelmed and underequipped. Before we completely become dependent upon Kubernetes, I want to make sure I am equipped with everything needed to handle our production workloads on Kubernetes.

I’ve already begun progressing with this by purchasing the Linux Foundation’s Kubernetes Fundamentals course.

Personal Technical Goal

Make a beer recipe calculator. I don’t exactly know what this will look like. I want something that will be both challenging and use something new I’ve never done.

I know Python decently well, so that’s a natural language to write it in. Should it be a desktop application? If so, what framework? Python has oodles of frameworks to choose from. Should it be a web app? If I go that far, I really want to make a REST API with a React (or similar) frontend. That takes me into a territory I don’t know very well, that is, HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Do I want to learn a completely new language? If I do a desktop app, Java seems like a natural choice since it’s the cross platform language with native UIs for most platforms. I could do a Node.js desktop app using Electron. That would still require me learning HTML/CSS/Javascript and Node on top of all that.

Really, I just need to decide how much I want to learn. Considering I’m also planning to learn Kubernetes, I may be trying to teach myself too many things.

Personal Non-Technical Goal

Get healthier. First, drop the pounds and keep them off. I am overweight, and have been for awhile. Last time I was at a healthy weight I was in my 20s and managed to do it by counting calories and exercising. I’ve started doing this again. However, it doesn’t help to just lose weight, I need to keep it off. More strategy to come on this.

I have more to this goal than just lose weight, but I’ll keep that to myself.